Designed to increase the candidate experience and generate heightened candidate ‘buy-in’ throughout the process, and dramatically reduce levels of reneges.

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Get connected to the best talent

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Pre-boarding Module

Cohesion design, build and implement a combination of communication and engagement actions and initiatives to ensure that offered candidates remain committed and in-touch until their first day.


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Total Care Team

Dedicated resource to ensure ongoing engagement between offer and start

Relocation Solutions

Localised information to allow new recruits to familiarise themselves with your locations

Broadcasting company news

Keeping offered candidates up to date with their future employer

Buddy Scheme

Connecting new recruits with existing employees

Successfully connect new Early Talent with your organisation

Our pre-boarding procedures are designed to deliver a continual stream of both on and offline communication that:

  • Reduces reneges
  • Increases return on investment
  • Increases levels of engagement and ‘candidate buy in’
  • Increases connectivity
  • Manages both company and individual expectations
  • Increases productivity during employment

In 2017 70% of graduates said that they would renege on an offer.................................. 30% of graduates said that they already had.