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Using data to improve future Early Talent recruitment

By utilising detailed and real-time intelligence and analysis, we are able to map and interpret data, drawing on comparisons with best practice.

This helps our clients manage metrics, highlight KPI’s, drive their internal strategies as well as help shape future campaigns.

These building blocks are analysed and contrasted with industry best practice and help shape future strategy.




“I would definitely recommend Cohesion as a recruitment partner. Working with them has taken the pain out of the recruitment process – I haven’t had to worry so much about the schedule or where everyone needs to be. It’s been great to be able to step back. The attention to detail, structure and overall efficiency has been something to behold. We are confident in Cohesion’s expertise, they listen to us, they’re really flexible and very consultative – it really is a pleasure to work with them.”

FTSE 250

Head of Recruitment

Track results, demonstrate progress and highlight issues

Our SLAs are designed to ensure compliance with recruitment best practice and current legislation, project timescales, and recruitment outcomes. These include:

  • Attraction success – including source, school/ university, and diversity data
  • Time to hire and other key recruitment ratios
  • Reasons for offer declines
  • Diversity reporting to monitor all candidates taken through the recruitment process.
  • Talent pool statistics
  • Compliance with data protection legislation including handling of candidate’s sensitive data

End of campaign reporting includes:

  • Applicant media source analysis
  • Best predictors of successful progress at:
    • Initial screening
    • Verbal and Numeric
    • Video Assessment
    • Assessment Centre exercises
  • Candidate and stakeholder survey analysis
  • Benchmarking feedback and data against other Cohesion clients.